These badges/books/digital notes are not intended to replace interpreters in any way shape or form. Also, this is not meant to be used to give medical advice. These products is open for anyone who would like to learn Medical Spanish or would like to use it as a temporary fix until the interpreter comes to provide proper interpretation to the patient. Everything in this book/on the badges have been checked by a medical interpreter as well as others to ensure the appropriate information has been provided for you. If you require any more information to help your patients, please call a medical interpreter to assist you. Please remember that it's also equally important to be culturally aware of each and every patient! Not every patient uses the same Spanish and some words/phrases are different for them than what's in here. If you aren't sure what the patient is trying to say, call an interpreter! Thank you!


Also, be sure to check your clinic's/hospital's policy about using these products with your patients. MedLuna and Co. is not responsible for the consequences that could follow if hospital regulations are not followed. Call an interpreter if your hospital/clinic does not allow you to use the products.